Kamala Harris’ statement

If you weren’t already angry, pay attention: last night The GOP made an absolute mockery of representative government.

Senator after senator made public statements last night about the fact that this process has been inadequate and lacks the transparency that the American people deserve.

Special interest lobbyists were creating “cheat sheets” to help our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES with the changes in the bill–before it was even available for them to read.

Let that sink in…LOBBYISTS had more access to this bill than our elected representatives, who weren’t given time to read the bill, let alone discuss it or critique it.

Last night doesn’t represent a win for anyone who cares about democracy. Last night, the democratic process was upended by ideologues whose only concern was a legislative win.

Last night, transparency in government, the democratic process, responsible decision-making, and the American people lost, and lost big.

Think about it–does this process in any way, shape, or form represent your interests in any manner you’d condone or respect?

Last night, democracy lost.

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