Reading the prior post on what works in healthcare can help people understand that many of the arguments against single-payer healthcare and government bureacracy are refutable, and why.

What the post doesn’t do is give you quick talking points. Today’s post is just that.

Here are a few simple things to focus on when someone says government care is “too expensive,” and will be “too wasteful,” and argue that care will cost even more:

1) Many providers with many plans and with many details requiring compliance increase ADMINISTRATION costs to 2 1/2x the average OECD country’s healthcare system. 2 1/2x! OUR bureaucracy is the one to worry about…not a government healthcare bureaucracy.

2) A tested and proven way to reduce costs are bundled payments which push providers to emphasize health over procedures (documenting each procedure for compensation costs a lot of money).

3) By putting all providers on the same reporting & documentation system, we will save a lot more money on administration, because it’s easier and time efficient. Also, while building that architecture, it would be easy to put patient care in OUR hands, because that same system could be built to put us in control of our own health records along with personalized details tailored to our own unique health needs that could be automatically generated based on doctor recommendations.

If you missed it and need more details, take a look at the in-depth, thoroughly documented piece on how I arrived at these conclusions in the previous blog post.

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